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Day trips from Paris to two cities and Monet's home

When you feel like you need a break from the hustle and bustle of Paris, try these ideas for day trips from Paris. All are within easy travelling distance and great for shopping, culture and outdoor wonders.

See through the eyes of Monet at Giverny

Giverny is a fabulous idea for a day trip from Paris, made famous by Monet’s water lilies. Buy a train ticket to Vernon, departing from the Gare Saint Lazare and the journey takes less than an hour. At Vernon, catch a bus to Giverny, buying a return ticket. Then, amble through Monet's stunning home and gardens, embellished with the painter's personal effects and paintings.

Explore Lille's magnificent squares and old stock exchange

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Lille is about an hour on the train from Paris and bestowed with Flemish-style architecture. Explore Lille's two wonderful squares, Le Place du Général-de-Gaulle and Le Place du Théâtre. If you like old French books and items from the past, visit the old stock exchange and browse the fascinating collection of shops. Don't forget to visit Vieux Lille, the older part of the city with its olde worlde cobblestone streets.

Amiens with its cathedral, floating gardens and Jules Verne's house.

Amiens has the tallest cathedral in France and famous floating gardens. It's also where Jules Verne spent much of his life. Located to the north of the capital, it's a handy distance for a day trip from Paris and less than half an hour away. When you visit the cathedral, you'll be impressed by its sheer grandiosity and striking floor design. Then, wander around the floating gardens (best during the spring or summer), designed around a series of small, man-made canals with many tiny islands. Finally, visit Jules Verne’s house and museum. The 19th-century townhouse will take you right back into the author's amazing private world.